London Insurance Company

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This companies' relocation to 22 Bishopsgate marked a significant milestone in their growth within the UK market. The company aimed to create a dynamic, agile workspace on a single floor to streamline operations while maintaining exceptional design standards.

MJF Interiors was entrusted with consulting and delivering the furniture solutions, ensuring they aligned with TonikEdge's visionary design and stayed within budget. At the heart of the design is a stunning Brokers Lounge, offering breathtaking views of the city.

The boardroom and meeting suite are meticulously designed to enhance both employee and client experiences, providing beautiful and functional spaces. The hub/canteen area offers a comfortable and inviting space for relaxation and socialisation.

Collaborating with the talented teams at TonikEdge, Structure tone, Spring 4 was a truly a rewarding experience!  MJF Interiors takes pride in bringing their vision to life through expertly chosen furniture solutions.







22 Bishopsgate, London


26,000 sq. ft

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